Educate, entertain, excite and engage with interactive multimedia pods. They are among the most versatile and effective ways to provide information and generate leads.

By dramatically reducing their cost and complexity, InfoAktiv has made the benefits more accessible than ever before.

InfoAktiv’s software is a breakthrough in providing interactive displays and information points. It automatically creates attractive and involving touch screen displays from information you already have. Static information becomes customer-driven and dynamic. Your audience can explore information and take digital copies of what interests them. At the same time, you gather feedback and insight about your visitors.

InfoAktiv Solutions

Public Information

  • Museums
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • HR
  • Reception areas

  • Events
  • Briefing centres
  • Retail stores
  • Interactive merchandising
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The Benefits

  • Increase ROI by increasing circulation and usage. People take your information in electronic formats that are easy to use, store and share with their colleagues. Because they made a personal decision to send it to themselves, it is far more likely to be read than one of the many paper brochures they receive.
  • You know exactly who was interested in what. This ensures that you:
    • Have qualified leads instead of just contacts. Saving valuable sales time and money in post-event qualification.
    • Avoid missing opportunities. No matter how hard everyone tries to avoid it, handouts do just ‘walk away’, leaving nothing but the hope that a customer will read it and call back.
    • Regain the initiative. Because you know who took what, you can take control of the sales process earlier.
  • You save money and reduce wastage because you don’t print, transport, store and throw away physical communications.
  • It’s more effective. Formats such as video convey messages much faster and better than paper.
  • It’s faster and more flexible. Your information can be set up and modified in minutes.
  • Remove any restrictions on the variety of information you can have available – have everything a prospect might want!